Prisonbreak Party for Paris


Rick Hilton is planning a party for his precious Paris upon her release from jail in (count them!) 14 days. The devoted dad has been shopping his plan around to various locations in Sin City, asking that flights and accommodations be taken care of by the venue, as well as an additional fee of $50,000. That’s right – he’d pocket the cash. It’s no wonder Al Sharpton is all p*ssed off about stars receiving special treatment – these crazy celebufamilies
get loads of cash just to go get drunk (and NOT drive) in Vegas.

Hilton’s pops should seriously consider donating some of that dough to LA County. It’s apparently costing them over $1000 a day to keep his baby girl locked up, as opposed to the daily $100 us regular criminals drain from taxpayers.

His delinquent daughter only has a couple more weeks left in the clink,
but already she’s revealed that she’s gone through an amazing
: from a horrible person, to a horrible person with poor
taste in self help books. Also aiding the heiress is her shrink, who paid her a visit behind bars yesterday. His client is reportedly being treated for ADD and claustrophobia, both which contributed to a slew of panic attacks Hilton had in her cramped cell.

But we can all breath a collective sigh of relief, as Paris is doing better, crying less, and spending her time writing her thoughts down on paper. Thoughts? What thoughts? Her notepad is probably just filled with doodles of tanning salons and tiny dogs.

Her other jail time hobby? Losing weight, due to a lack of interest in her government mandated meals. We can only imagine that if the already bone thin bad girl emerges 10 pounds lighter, Nicole Richie will skip her trial and race right into the slammer.

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