A Boring Baby Boom


After Julia Roberts popped out her third kid yesterday, a boy named Henry Daniel (Excuse me? What happened to wonderfully insane celeb names like Applejacks or Subway?), a few more snooze-tastic celebs have followed suit:

  • Limelight hater Keri Russell gave birth to her first son with her ultra-normal husband earlier this month, but the birth was announced today, presumably because they had the audacity to want privacy for a week!
  • That dude from King of Queens, Kevin James, and his wife had a daughter named Shea last Thursday, which must be a shout out to the New York Mets and their hometown stadium, right?
  • Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren welcomed their first daughter yesterday, only hours after the golf genius lost the US Open by one shot.  Her name? Not something awesomely catlike or Swedish, like her ‘rents. Nope, instead the pair went with something utterly unforgettable: Sam.

There you have it – no love triangles, no scandal, no picking a name off the back of a Crackerjack box.  What good are celebs if they just put us to sleep?

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