Hottie of the Week: Angelina Jolie


All Angelina Hottie Pics

Years before Brad Pitt and her baby boom, Angelina Jolie was a blockbuster actress who was known for being charmingly crazy. Remember the time she kissed her brother on the lips? How about when she bared everything in Original Sin? Or what about when she was dating Billy Bob Thornton? Nutty…and wildly sexy, too.

Now that she’s all grown up, Saint Angelina is more interested in serious roles. Consider her position as a U.N. rep to Africa, or her character in A Mighty Heart, out this week, in which she plays Marianne Pearl, the wife of a murdered Wall Street Journal journalist. It’s a worthy movie. Join us as we celebrate the beauty, intelligence and compassion of Angelina Jolie in this week’s HOTW photo gallery.

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