Jessica and Justin: So Happy Together?


What is the deal with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel? They are two hot, rich, twenty-somethings with awesomely buff bods and decent wardrobes. Can’t they just be happy together? The answer, apparently, is no, because they can’t seem to make up their minds about whether they are totally into each other and want to spend every second locking lips (and other, naughtier body parts), or if every moment together is pure, effing hell. 

Are these two in love or do they hate each other’s guts? Find out after the jump.

After first getting together in January, it was reported that Justin was supposedly "in love" with the Seventh Heaven starlet.
Love: 1, Hate: 0

The pair are spotted together hand holding and partaking in other canoodle-y crap in the UK!
Love: 2, Hate: 0

But then Justin supposedly boots Biel off his tour so he can focus on performing, and calls her a "very dear friend," which in Hollywood speak is as good as getting dumped. Ugh.
Love: 1, Hate: 1

Only three days later, it’s reported that Jessica is back on tour with JT in Europe! How romantic! But every picture of them together in looks like they’ve just eaten roadkill and washed it down with a rotten yogurt beverage.

Love: 0, Hate: 0?

Just make up your mind guys. There are plenty of other hot people you could both be with. No, not Britney or Derek Jeter. HOT people. And if you stick it out, at least try and look like you’re having fun. It’ll make the rest of us miserable and lonely people feel worse – which just gives us more to complain about.

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