Nicole: Fighting DUI, Loving Rumors


In an attempt to one up Paris on the attention meter, Nicole Richie is going to go to court to fight her DUI charge. This seems like kind of a tough rap to beat, seeing as she has been arrested before. Oh, and because she was driving in the wrong direction on the freeway and confessed to having used both Vicodin and marijuana.
But as we know, Nicole’s the kind of girl who, when she puts her mind to it, can accomplish anything (oh like, I don’t know, ridiculous weight loss)!

A "friend" has also come forward to reveal that Richie is supposedly finding all the hoopla surrounding her and her extended belly to be just peachy.
The pal says that she "is loving the attention from the pregnancy
stories. She just loves it. It’s like she was jealous that Paris
[Hilton] was
getting all the attention for being in jail, so now it’s her turn. The
timing is also great since she wants to get some sort of sympathy, so
she can get out of the DUI charges."

The source also adds that Nicole apparently has instructed her
"people" to neither confirm nor deny the rumors, to keep the buzz going
as long and as loud as possible. What a skinny, evil genius she is! Now
if only her friends would shut up so she could keep her brilliant plan
in action.

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