Angelina Gives, Gets No Love


Jolie has apologized for her attempt to ban certain news organizations from The Mighty Heart premiere (and took no responsibility for it, which is always the smart way to go), but apparently the skinny star can’t stop trying to control the media. She allegedly kept Us Weekly and Life & Style magazines from attending the film’s press junket, allowing in only OK! and People, an Angelina ally. A source says that she’s "a control freak." I think just "freak" might be an accurate description, too.

Needless to say, some people are a little p*ssed, and sure, it’s kinda ridiculous that she banned certain TV channels and publications from covering a movie based on a journalist’s pursuit of the truth. We get it. But this is Saint Angelina that we’re talking about! She adopts kids and donates money and works for the UN, and therefore can do no wrong! All is forgiven whenever Angie makes mistakes. Even that blood necklace is long forgotten. What blood necklace, you ask? Exactly.

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