Barbara Too Good for Paris Interview


Paris has supposedly morphed into a new woman thanks to her stint behind bars, but she sounds just as greedy as she’s always been! Last week, it was reported that NBC had allegedly snatched the coveted post-jail interview with the heiress away from ABC with a offer of $1 million, burning Hilton family pal Barbara Walters, who originally wanted to do the story.

But over the weekend, NBC pulled out of the interview and the Hiltons attempted to get back on Barbara’s good side, with Paris herself even calling The View host at 2AM to personally ask her to do the interview. Walters wasn’t havin’ it, and Paris is now appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live on Wednesday night. Still, it looks like Barbara’s not pleased with the way things went down, and no one messes with the Queen of Chat and gets away with it! Here’s what she told the NY Post:

"Look, I’ve done prison interviews before, but people like the Menendez
Brothers were really important news stories. This wasn’t. And even though I’d already written my
questions, when all that pay-for-play stuff happened, I suddenly felt
this was not up to my standard. It . . . felt . . . sort of . . .Tawdry. The whole thing somehow was beneath me."

Barbara: 1, Jailbird: 0!

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