Paris’ Brilliant Plan to be a Better Person


More of Paris’ conversation with Ryan Seacrest has been released, in which she discusses exactly how she plans to change her bad girl ways. The heiress revealed, "I appreciate everything now and I think there was a lot of bad people
that I was around and I don’t want to surround myself with those types
of people anymore." Hmmm. Might we first suggest an English class to improve that poor grammar?

Hilton’s other idea for self-betterment is a little bit more…grand? Paris has plans to build a "transitional home" for women who are recently released from jail. "These women just keep coming back because they have no place to go" she elaborated, and said the house can be "a place to get food and clothes on
their backs."

Let’s see, a "home" where people can sleep and get food. Sounds kind of like… a hotel? So Paris is basically going into the family business. A brilliant plan, indeed! Let’s just hope there are comfy bathrobes and room service – you know, special treatment. Like what Paris got in the slammer.

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