Zach Fights Back Against Playboy Rep


Zachbraff2 Scrubs star Zach Braff has been causing quit a stir in the gossip rags lately, allegedly hitting on women and getting all canoodle-y with various ladies across NYC, where he is living for the summer. The  buzz was getting so bad that Zach finally responded to it on his blog, saying he doesn’t understand his reputation as a "cad" and that he’s just "doing what every single 32 year old man in NYC is doing this summer…dating." Are you sure you’re not a 86-year old British detective, Zach? Cuz those are the only people I’ve ever heard use the word "cad."

Anyhoo, let’s break down the drama, shall we?

June 7: Gawker bans Braff
from their "Stalker" feature, after becoming overloaded with emails
about him and another pretty female getting cozy at a trendy bar/club/restaurant.
June 12: His pick up lines hit the web,
with ladies revealing he supposedly works his movie star magic with
such winners as: "You have a nice bottom" and "You have a hot bod."
June 18: A source tells Page Six that the New Jersey native was reportedly "all over yet another hot young blonde" while at dinner with pals.
June 20: He’s spotted in Central Park kissing Roswell actress Shiri Appleby (she’s a brunette).
June 20: The NY Daily News reports that Braff took a date to the Bodies exhibit the previous week.

June 21:
More chatter that he was supposedly all over Shiri
, this time while at a performance of "Romeo and Juliet."

Finally, the Garden State star responded to the drama yesterday, ending a lengthy rant about his dating life in NYC with: "Don’t believe the hype."

And with pick up lines like "You have a nice bod," we won’t!

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