Kanye West Is a Robot Weirdo


Kanye West‘s new single off his upcoming record is called "Stronger," and it presents a very weird, not altogether unpleasant mash of styles, combining Kanye, Cassie and Daft Punk with fashions by Jeremy Scott and a retro-futuristic Japanese backdrop that alternately looks like Akira and The Fast and the Furious while referencing Nigo and A Bathing Ape. Phew. That’s a lot. The song is pretty catchy and the visuals are good, but the lyrics are on the ridiculous side of bad. Consider: "You know how long I’ve been on ya?/ Since Prince was on Apollonia/ Since OJ had Isotoners." And that’s to say nothing of the Vuitton and Dior mentions. The words, however, do pose a few questions that we’d like your opinion on. Does that which does not kill Kanye make him stronger? Would you like to be his "black Kate Moss" tonight? And is this song about stalking, or is it about what a great artist Kanye is? We can’t tell. Get used to it now, before he performs for Diana on Sunday.

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  1. wendy ann jackson says:

    I watched kanye wests storytellers…Im a 35 year old white girl Noone in the entertainment industry has ever told my story to perfection or understands my heart Kanye West is the most amazing and talented person ALIVE!!!!!! I wish I had a way to thank him for what he has done through his storytellers performance……What an amazing person he is
    Thank you Kanye…you are one of a kinjd and have changed the way the world thinks I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!