Was a Jailed Paris on the Ledge?


Now that Paris is out from behind the bars of her jail cell and back behind the bars of her gated mansion, the people who cared for her during her 23-day sentence are coming forward to spill a few beans. Sheriff Lee Baca testified yesterday about the whole house arrest mix-up and painted a pretty bleek picture of the heiress’ initial state. "Our doctors said we had no solution to Hilton’s medical problems.
None," said Baca, "As a
sheriff in this county, I’m not going to let any inmate die in this
jail." Say what? DIE? I thought she was just having some tiny jail cell panic attacks, or something.

The sheriff gave no details about Hilton’s illness, but did say that his department, "couldn’t fix whatever that medical problem was," and stressed that it was not going to improve.  Baca also apparently told the courtroom, “I think we all in this room know something about suicide.” Yikes. Was Paris really about to take her own life because she was so claustrophobic? Or did she just miss her precious Taco Bell? Perhaps something was actually, truly wrong?

Thankfully, the jailbird is singing to People Magazine this week. She describes herself as being curled up in the "fetal position" for her first nights in jail, hysterically crying. That’s not deathly, that’s hot!

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