Brittany Murphy: Stalked by Mystery Man?


Hollywood was all atwitter recently after the Clueless and Sin City star secretly married producer Simon Monjack. Insiders were buzzing that the Brit supposedly wed Murphy (only 8 months after she ended a previous engagement) to avoid deportation after his work visa expired, something the actress later called "preposterous lies."

Now a source who supposedly worked for the starlet has come forward to reveal that she seems to think she and her man are being stalked by "a high-powered Hollywood player." Murphy supposedly claimed that when Monjack slipped away without a trace for 10 days in April, that her then-boyfriend was kidnapped by associates of this mysterious stalker. The spy goes on to say that Monjack returned with "head injuries," and that Brittany was not able to pay him his salary as she claimed to have spent all her money on paying the kidnapper’s ransom.

As if this wasn’t crazy enough, the dates her husband was missing apparently match the dates that Monjack was detained by US Immigration officials for overstaying his visa, according to The National Enquirer. Soon after this bizarre incident, the pair were spotted in wedding rings.

Someone needs to make this into a movie immediately. Brittany can star. Think of it as Uptown Girls meets Girl, Interrupted  – with a twist. The twist being that she and her husband are nuts.

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