Reunion News: Spice, Zep and Bush



Reunion You Want: Admit it — you’ll pony up the $60 (plus surcharge) to see Baby, Scary, Sporty, Posh and Ginger zigazig ha, transporting you back to those heady pre-Y2K days. Lucky for us Sporty cleared her calendar.

Reunion You Want But Don’t Get: Led Zeppelin. After days of rumors reporting they’re getting the old band back together, Rock Banshee Robert Plant has rubbished rumors, claiming "If there was one, then there wouldn’t be enough doctors to support it!”

Reunion You Don’t Want But Get: Bush. You know, Gavin Rossdale. He was in a band. Still nothing? Gwen Stefani‘s husband. Anyway, he misses "the band thing." He’s threatening a Live Earth reunion.

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  1. Miles says:

    F-you, why the hell would I want a spice girl reunion over a Bush one? Your taste in music sucks major balls. What demographic are you writing to? Seriously, your non-educated opinion is way off, and my god, I should apply to write for Vh1 because it seems they will hire anyone off the street to write for them.

  2. louis says:

    Dont worry miles, what I think happened here in the hiring process of this clown….. is that affirmative action, now reaches out to gays. So that explains why this writer wants a spice girl reunion rather than a bush one. Vh1 is being undiscriminatiing. But I sure as hell dont agree to this one bit at all either, and I cant think of anyone else other than this moron that would either.

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