Thursday: Usher’s Gonna Be a Daddy; Nicky’s Sick of Paris’ Drama


Yeah! Usher’s Gonna Be a Dad
and his fiance (and former stylist) are expecting their first child
together. Expect an adorable, tiny dancing machine in about nine
months. [People]

P*ssed Paris to Sue Lawyer?
She may have told Larry King that her jail stint "happened for a reason," but Paris is raging mad that her lawyer didn’t do a better job of keeping her out of the slammer. [MSNBC]

Brit Bails on Secret Show
The starlet’s comeback won’t be happening at Cyndi Lauper’s LA show, because according to a unnamed source, "Britney said she would only dance or lip-sync – and to be on stage with Cyndi, you have to actually perform." Ouch – an anonymous zing! [NY Post]

Nicky Hilton: Sick of Sister’s Drama?
The younger Hilton was p*ssed when her parents forced her to cut her trip to Greece short in order to appear with the family as a united front. She reportedly hates the media circus surrounding her big sis. Finally, a Hilton with some brains! [NY Daily News]

Brangelina’s Babies: Spoiled Rotten
has a $17,000 pacifier, Zahara wears $120 jeans, and each tot has art
from his/her native country hanging above their beds. Just like every
other kid in America, of course! [DListed]

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