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Bullhornclipart6Every Friday, we run down a few of the comments this blog has received in the past week. This gives us a chance to respond and that’s what the VH1 Blog is all about: leaving no keen insight behind. That’s how much we love you.

From Tyrese: Banning Male Fans From Shows?:

Shelly Says: "Whoa, that doesn’t seem like responsible journalism Kate.
Perhaps, he doesn’t want fights to occur from

jealous boyfriends whom are there, not as fans, but to keep an eye on their ladies.

That’s what I thought.

It does happen too!"

We say: An interesting take, Shelly. Perhaps Tyrese’s female concert attendees should follow the (slightly revised) words of R. Kelly: "cuff your dude ’cause, hey, Ty’s black, handsome, he sings, plus he’s rich and he’s a flirt."

From Britney Desperate to Reconcile with K-Fed:

mutieqz Says: "britney balik ma kevin

so what gtu loh???!!!

terserah kek

jangan2 britney lagi mabok lagi yach????

kaya’ wktu ntuch….

uda mreka kan bukan manusia normal

napaen diuruzin??"

Markita Responds: "mutieqz doesn’t need to comment anymore. Either you can’t spell, you’re talking in another language, or you’re extremely slow. Whatever it is stop writing. Cause nobody knows what the hell you’re tryin’ to say."

We say: You trying to take my job, Markita? Plus, mutieqz isn’t so bad. It’s kinda nice when your blog is the only one that comes up when you Google "napean diuruzin." Makes us feel special, really.

From Justin Bringing Nasty Back, Too:

OLIVIA Says: "nice fire,what did you do eat a jelopeno.dumb AS*************************************.WHAT THA HE$$ IS WRONG WITH YOU,YELLING AT OTHER PEPOLE IN EUROPE!!!!!!!,HELLO YOUR IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY,EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU…"

We say: Maybe mutieqz’s true identity is Justin Timberlake?

From Anticipating Bobby Brown :

lashaon Says: "Bobby i think you should do the show.Forget what people say about you.You prove to everyone from your last family show that you are truly a good person.Remember that our father Jesus Christ loves you.Nagitiv people talked about hem and put hem down for no reason at all.People are always trying to put people like your self down,But they just don’t know how much God loves you.Prove to the world that you can be the best you can be.Remember. you have a lot of fans that will go the bat for you.Everyone eles no if you come back out .You are a treat!!!!!!!!!!

We say: Finally an answer to an age-old question. What would Jesus do? A reality show. Duh.

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