Blast From the Past: Sly’s Stone & Morrissey’s Moan



Sly Stone has been MIA for decades. The recent reissue of his joyful and profound catalog has people hot on the Family Stone again. The fountain of funk finally connects with a journalist to explain a couple things in Vanity Fair.

Metallica is going to ride the lightning one more time. Lars Ulrich told a journalist that the songs are long and they don’t particularly have anything do with the sound of the band’s last disc, St. Anger. He and the boys are pounding the chests at the Live Earth spectacular this Saturday. We’ll be live blogging the concert during the afternoon. Check a string of Metallica vids on our Classic site.

Morrissey’s tour had to stop for a moment due to a scratchy throat, but the master of misery is back in action. Wonder if he’ll be doing any of these songs? 

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