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It’s time to get Buckwild…-ish. After the jump, a slightly reformed Becky talks about New York, MySpace beef with Larissa, learning everything she ever needed to know from Saaphyri, being branded the "blackest white girl" and how her road to self-love was not very bumpy at all, actually.

What’d you think of the finale? You ended on such a high note.

I really liked it. That’s the way I wanted things to go. I woulda liked to be second, but at the same time, if I was second, I mighta been just really mad. Being that close to $50,000 might be too much for me. Two steps away is cool. One might have been too much to handle.

Were you for real when you pledged half of your potential winnings to Saaphyri?

Of course! How could I not give her half? She was half the reason I was there that long. Of course I had to do the stuff myself, but that girl helped keep me there. Everybody says, "Oh, that’s so generous," but it’s natural to me. She was able to give back everything she had to that clothing store, not for the charity, but for me. She gave it away so that we would win the challenge. At the end of the day, it’s nice that it was for charity, but the fact of the matter is that we wouldn’t have been safe from elimination if she hadn’t done that.

So you had no disappointment at all?

I’m disappointed that I got so emotional on TV again. But, actually, I guess I’m not so disappointed about that because it’s me. I’m not ashamed about who I am, it’s just that I think people worry about me sometimes. They write me letters as though I’m going to die. I’m OK. I just cry a lot. And when I cry, I hyperventilate and it looks like I’m going to die. But really: I’m OK.

Watching you so upset and so sensitive made me wonder if your hatred of New York stemmed from the fact that she hurt your feelings on Flavor of Love 2.

Probably. I don’t like when people hurt my feelings. The thing with New York is that it’s really not my feelings that she was hurting. The things she said weren’t that bad. Honest to God, if I think about the things she said, they don’t offend me, but it’s just the fact that she goes out of her way to offend. I don’t like that. I do like to watch it on TV, but I don’t like to be around that at all. And she wasn’t just negative to me, she was negative toward other people I had formed friendships with in the house. So, you pickin’ on me and my friends? Yes, bitch, I hate you. I will throw a shoe at you.

What are your feelings on her now? It almost seemed like you were bonding with her during the Charm School interview with her.

I told the producers, "If New York is going to be anywhere on Charm School, I will not go. You have to promise me this bitch will not show up." And me being the gullible person I am, I was like, "Of course they won’t lie to me!" But, of course, she showed up. I knew they expected me to beat her up. Everybody knew I wanted to beat her up and I knew I couldn’t do it. I had to not take the bait. It seemed like the bait was talking about the other girls, but for me, it was to avoid putting my hands on her. But during the interview, her first tactic was to talk about me and my accent. So, to deflect that, I started talking about other people. And that’s how we started to bond. You can bond really easy talking smack about other people. So that’s why it seems like I was bonding with her. To be honest, I was just trying to get her to stop talking about me because if she said one more thing about me, I would have to get up out the chair, and that would not have been good. But I’ve always been a fan of New York on TV. And, I don’t know, I might be able to be in a room with her now and not kill her.

That sounds like progress.

It is! To be able to say, "I don’t know," is progress. Before I was positive I couldn’t do it. Now: maybe.

In the past, you’ve said that the lessons of Charm School didn’t leave much of an impression on you.

Well, the etiquette lessons and climbing the obstacle course, that’s not stuff I have a problem with. I’m a quick learner. The thing I am is very hard-headed. I’m very opposed to change. But really, at Charm School, everything I needed to know, I learned from Saaphyri.

That would make an awesome book title.

She gives the best advice. It’s so simple and clear and straight to the point. You did an interview with her and you asked her a question about me. When I read what she said, I had to cry. I was like, "This bitch knows me too good." That scared the hell out of me. I’ve never had someone sum me up so well and eloquently. And she said the word "detriment." Saaphyri is awesome.

Is she your best friend? Do you hang out all the time?

I don’t hang out with her all the time because that would be too stressful for both of us. Reality TV stars are the most extreme people in the whole world. When they get together, it’s just a mess. If I need advice for anything, I call her. I called her at 3 in the morning Saturday. She said, "Girl, you snifflin’! You need to stop that." That’s my homegirl. If I need help or advice, that’s who I call.

On the other hand, Larissa talked major smack about you on an L.A. radio show. Did you know she had that kind of resentment?

I was completely shocked when I heard her on the radio. I was supposed to do the interview that night, but I hadn’t yet gotten approval from VH1. So I tuned in that night to listen to her because I knew she was doing it. I hear her, all of a sudden, talking about me! This girl has never said anything about me before ever. And we’ve hung out outside of TV. She’s been to my house, we go to the mall together, whatever. We’ve kicked it. To hear her talk s*** wasn’t shocking because I heard her talking about everybody else, but it was shocking to hear her talk about me. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was.

And where do you stand with her?

To this day, I have not spoken to her one-on-one about it. I found out why she was mad and it was so ridiculous to me that I couldn’t even think about arguing with her. I ended up going to that radio station for an interview and they told me what her beef was. There’s a picture on my MySpace and it’s an advertisement for Charm School. It’s the class photo, but this girl who edits my graphic put, "Watch Charm School" on in and put two other pictures on top of it. One of the pictures she put happens to cover part of Larissa’s face. Larissa thought that was me literally trying to cover up her face on purpose because I didn’t want her in the picture. If you go on her MySpace you can see that she has the class photo that she doctored – she cut and pasted her face on top of my face and Shay’s face. And then there’s one that she cut me and Shay out of.

That’s ridiculously childish.

But it’s so Larissa. It’s so Larissa to look at that picture and think someone did something to deliberately hurt her. Nobody was thinking about her.

From the beginning, Mo’Nique spun this show as something to allow you girls to gain back your dignity. Do you think you achieved that?

The reason they put me on Charm School was not the appropriate reason to put me on Charm School. They played up the race issue, which is why I was listed as "the blackest white girl" on the first episode. I should have been on the show for throwing a shoe at somebody’s head. That’s a good reason. But the "blackest white girl" thing…how do I  be less black? I’m not a black person. I don’t think I’m black.

Looking at your MySpace, and just hearing you talk, I’m always surprised at your interests. I think pegging you as "the blackest white girl," is really underselling you. I mean, you love Tammy Faye. That’s not very "black" or "urban."

I’m so weird. Maybe if you called me a gay black man that might be more accurate. A transvestite? I don’t know what I am. I play Mexican bingo, I like rap music, I know all of the words to Into the Woods, I watch Absolutely Fabulous. I’m very well rounded.

Do you still get s*** for the black white girl thing?

I’m always gonna get s*** for it. I never did before I was on TV. People would just ask me where I was from. They’d never be like, "Do you think you’re black, bitch?" But they do that now. Well, over the Internet. Not in person.

Have you ever had anybody confront you in person about anything?

Never, ever. I’ve had people be not nice. They’ll walk up to me and be like, "Are you that girl from that show?" and then walk away. But nobody’s ever said anything mean.

I know that you read a lot about yourself…

I do! Please write that in the interview. "I know that you read a lot about yourself…"

I will. But since you’re a sensitive person, do people’s comments ever get to you?

When I first did Flavor of Love and I first started reading the stuff that people would write, it would get to me. Now, I read bad stuff that people say and I laugh and I like it. Some of the things are so outrageous, like, "Why would you throw a shoe at my mom, New York? I’m gonna kill you, bitch." I enjoy it all. Of course, I like the love letters better than the hate letters, but the hate letters give me something to talk about, too.

What are your thoughts on Mo’Nique?

I think she really cares about Larissa. I think she’s happy and proud at what she was able to accomplish. I don’t think she’s gonna call me up and give me a job. I don’t think she would give me half the $50,000. I think she’s proud of what she did and she’s glad to see us all successful.

Can you talk about what you have going on?

I’m doing some improv tour dates. I’m going to be in Florida this week. I’m doing dates with Gary Owen. I’m filming a game show pilot in Atlanta. I have the No. 1 show on I like to do stuff like that. It works my mind. I figure out ways to get money. Like, I had to sit and think, "How am I going to get paid for doing this because the website don’t pay me?" So, I got sponsors. Me and Saaphyri and Shay made a cameo in Deelishis’ music video that’s coming out. I’m so busy, it’s out of control.

You have a great reputation around VH1 for being easy to work with and really communicative.

That’s my goal. Deelishis is really good at that, and so is Mo’Nique. They both treat all the people around them with the greatest respect. Even Flav does that. They’re so kind to every single person and I think that’s what gets you far. That’s what keeps your career going.

During your exit interview, you say that Charm School taught you how to like yourself more. True?

Yeah. I mean, I liked myself a lot before, and now I like myself better. I even look better now. How could I not like myself more?

Finally: what name are you going by these days? I know you called yourself "Buckwild" before Flavor of Love even, so that name wasn’t only attached to that show, unlike most of the girls.

My name is Becky Buckwild. Sometimes you call people by their first names and sometimes you call them by their nicknames, so if you’re my friend, it’ll naturally come to you. It’s awkward when people try to introduce me, though. They don’t know what to call me. Usually if it’s adults, I say, "Becky," and if it’s kids, I say, "Buckwild." When I walk around during the day, I’m in Buckwild mode. But when something bad happens, I turn into Becky.

It’s kind of amazing that you morph personalities at will.

It’s one of my many talents. It was funny, I was hanging out after the reunion at a restaurant. I spent the whole day looking cute and wearing heels and then in the parking lot, I fell and hurt my chin. I can only be Becky for so long before I fall and bust my ass.

In case you missed it above, you can keep up with Becky Buckwild via her MySpace.

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