Hottie of the Week: Elisha Cuthbert


All Elisha Cuthbert Pics

Canadian horror hottie Elisha Cuthbert first came to our attention as special agent Jack Bauer’s daughter on Fox’s real-time mega-hit, 24. But as S.E. Hinton taught us, that was then and this is now. She’s come a long way from being kidnapped and tortured by terrorists. Now she’s being kidnapped and tortured by a psycho — in Captivity.

The first-round ads for the film were so graphic that a media furor erupted, forcing the movie to almost totally change its campaign. We say almost, because the ads still star Elisha Cuthbert. Take a long, hard look at the new scream queen. She’s our brand new hottie. Who else would be appropriate to feature on the week of Friday the 13th?