Rock of Love: Let the Comments Begin!



Depending on your taste, our new dating-based elimination show with Poison frontman Bret Michaels is a sexy turn on or an animalistic turn off. Or maybe it’s a combination of both. Regardless of how you feel about Rock of Love, it would be hard to call the show boring — from the elimination in the first act to the impromptu pole dancing to a whole lot of crazy talk. Let us know what you make of all this insanity right now and stay tuned for our official recap!

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  1. Me says:

    Hey Daisy looks like one of the Muppets!!! I love um what’s her name! something Jo! She was hot, with her makeup on! Amber was hot too! But I think Destiny was the one!!!!

  2. Hyacinth and Jackie says:

    my grandaughter and i are fond of your show especially due to the fact that you were seeking for true love, but regardless of the skeleton’s daisy has in her closet you were wrong in letting the girls dog her the way they did. Worst of all you brought Heather back into the house to set up the girls against daisy. I did not see you question the rest of the girls as you did daisy, Regardless of Amber who has more skeletons and looks like your mother…….hahaha…….smile. How could you pick her above the other girl who seem better for you

  3. Jessica says:

    Brett is an @__ Heather should have won the FIRST time. He only wants a piece of @__ sorry Daisy.

  4. Jessica says:

    I forgot: Brett, Ambre is as old as you, but she is wiser. Um, didn’t you get the fact that she was speaking to Daisy’s use of her sexuality in one of your last conversations with the 3 of you, you know, like how Daisy seemed to use it to get what she wanted? Then, all of a sudden, Ms Ambre is french kissing you and telling you she wasn’t wearing panties? Ummm, who was REALLY played here? Have fun! Good luck with that finding love business!!

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  7. GLENDA AKA GINNI (GIN e) says:

    I want to know what the purpose of this show is? Love, fame, money, embarrassment, entertainment? I mean Bret is a handsome, extremely gorgeous, wealthy and intelligent man. So what is it? I watch the show to see Bret and it discust me that all I ever see are tramps, strippers, ding bats, ugliness, drunks, ignorance, 2 faceing, plots, fights between women that get illimated anyway. But then again its amusing to watch dumbies humilate themselves in front of the entire world. If hes looking for love why not use myspace, matchmakers. He tours the nation. Spend a few extra days in town. Pick a few women from each state or city and go out for a few dates, let them give him a tour and maybe they might get the ROCK of love. I mean his children have to watch this trash. Those whatever you want to call them women are in his home. I hope thats not where he brings his children. If he wants to find a descent, repectable, educated woman that can take care of the family, home, not spend all the money, be faithful, understanding, realize that hes on tour but hes coming home to me attitude and he can take home prodly to his family and be a good step mother to his children, not drunk, hi , pasted and faked up, knows how to keep her man happy when hes home and give him a proper welcome home, then he needs to make some changes. I’d freak out if I was his child or if I was the mother. I wouldn’t want none of those loosers around me or my children Most of them are very scary and I definatly wouldn’t want to wake up next to it!!!! No matter how many STD test they have I wouldn’t dare trust them around my children or in my home. Some of them seem to be real. Any way, I sort of feel sorry for him…thats is if he is really rying to find true love.. If he is you got my email. Good Luck Bret…hope you find your love someday buddy.


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  12. Deena says:

    I have to laugh…how many episodes does it take for you to find love Bret? But really, why would you settle, look at how many girls you get to test drive. I am not saying you don’t generally want to settle down, but maybe trying to get someone with brains and looks may help. So far I have seen a lot of bones, flesh, fake %`@!%)“~%!)+)&_ and stupid girls. Where is the reality? Anyway thanks for the good laughs!

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