Rock of Love: Rockin’ Drunken Extra


You probably don’t remember Faith faith from the first episode of Rock of Love. Pretty and sweet-voiced, she didn’t make herself known by humping Bret, playing with her boobs, bickering with the other girls or general drunkenness. Until now (at least in the last case — we’re still holding out for a nipple tweak).

The unaired clip below features Faith tipsily stumbling around the house with no other girls in sight (maybe they’d all passed out at this point?). She cheerfully threatens us with a good time ("Do you want a reality? Seriously?") and then delivers, going from pleasant to belligerent over the course of the mesmerizing 6-minute clip. The highlight comes a suddenly camera-shy Faith demands that a crew member stop "promoting" her. "Do you have any insanity to you? Do you have any humanity to you? Is that collaborative to you? It is." It would appear that ain’t bitch no bad enough to step front in her face, either.

Anyway, this clip reiterates two things that we already knew: 1) Drunk girls rule. 2) Rock of Love could very well be the reason that television was invented. Enjoy.

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