Michael Vick Faces Jail Time for Dogfights



Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is known for his small size, speed and strength. But with recent allegations of dog fighting hanging over Vick’s head, his reputation is changing fast. The star athlete was indicted by a federal jury last week on charges that he and three other men obtained a property in Virginia “for the purpose of staging dogfights, bought dogs and then fought them there, and in several other states, over a 6-year period.” Vick is also accused of killing puppies with no fighting potential and dogs that lost fights by shooting, electrocuting and beating them.

Read just a little bit about the case and your stomach gets a little queasy, which makes it easy to forget that Vick is innocent until proven guilty of the charges. There is still no word yet on what the Falcons may do with their star
quarterback, and brands such as Nike have yet to boot their celebrated
sponsor. But Vick could face a possible suspension from the NFL – not to mention up to five years of jail time. So let this be a lesson to all you potential dog-fighters out there. Just cuz you’re good at one sport does not mean you should dabble in an illegal one. It may come back to bite you in the ass. And if it doesn’t, we hope one of the dogs will.

[Sports Illustrated/Washington Post. Image: Getty]

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  1. KIUSHA says:

    IF YOU READ THE INDICTMENT. VICK HAD NO DEALINGS WITH MURDERING OR TORTURING ANY DOGS. ONLY FINANCED THE RING OF DOG FIGHTING. WHITE/black PEOPLE !@~+^%!#!^%&+_++ FIGHT AND DEER HUNT as well as turkey hunt and they are not in jail. none of gods creatures were out on earth to be used as asport.

  2. Ariel says:

    Vick, since u think ur the big shot let me call u that
    k. So mr big shot u think its cool to neglect or beat animals well . One day i hope they do the same to u . Well its not my descion its GODS and i beat he has something for u . PS i want to be a vet to help SAVE animals not destroy them .