Kim Kardashian: No Class, No Clothes


kimk072407.jpgComing soon to a Playboy near you: Kim Kardashian‘s mountainous buttocks. The model socialite waste of space has already shot her spread for the nudie mag, but there’s no word yet on how much skin she’ll bare. Surely she’ll get a little rump action in, as we all know she’s down with showing her piece off.

Kim is a favorite on the LA social scene, but recently she may have taken her party hopping a little too far. The brunette bombshell showed up at the Playboy mansion for an event benefiting the Nicole Brown Foundation, a non-profit created in honor of Nicole Brown, OJ Simpson‘s ex-wife who was brutally murdered by…someone. Kim’s father, now deceased, was not just a close friend of the football star, but also happens to be one of the lawyers who got OJ off the hook. Maybe Kim should have stayed home and practiced her butt posing in the mirror or gone to see the new Harry Potter flick. We know she’s a red carpet junkie, but even addictions have limits – especially when it comes to awkward run-ins with the family of the woman whose maybe-killer your dad helped set free. [NY Post. Image:Getty]

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