Lily Not Thrilled With Courtney, Courtney Not Thrilled With Mouth


clove.JPGDon’t count on Courtney Love being one of Lily Allen‘s friends, MySpace or otherwise. A few months back, the ska popstress was spotted with walking medicine cabinet Courtney Love at Hyde, an L.A. club. Now Lily’s denying any type of friendship (via MySpace, natch), stating she now understands why Love’s a widow. “I am not bfs [best friends] w/ C Love, one night with her made me realise why KURT [Cobain] killed himself. I nearly checked into rehab,” said the always compassionate Allen.

While Allen may not care much for Love, Love’s rather consumed with not caring much for her mouth. In a brand new MySpace post (natch), Love confesses to being less than thrilled with her current mouth: “my mouth still looks wonky, i think i gott go back to paris tot he dr, hes nit a cosmetic surgeon he just fixes bad surgery and also cleft palates and serious sh*t its nbot really vanity hes conservtive, wich we like, and this really isnt znyones business but im hating that id di that to my mouth back in the day and he didnt really take out enough the first time around i just wnt the mouth god gave me back, it was perfectly cute.” Do you think Court should cool it with the work?

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