Paris Hilton’s Good Deed: Making Out


ciscoparis.jpgParis went out last night, of course. Not to a fund-raiser or some sort of charity event, but to karaoke night at Guy’s in Hollywood. The heiress all but avoided singing to instead apparently make out with Cisco Adler, lead singer of the group Whitestarr, stars of the new VH1 reality show The Rock Life . Fingers crossed that the Hilton makeout gets on the show! The lip lock – and lap dance – wouldn’t be all that scandalous (the guy’s in a band so this is like regular fare for Adler, right?), except for the fact that Cisco is not just Mischa Barton‘s former longterm flame, he’s also the ex-fiancĂ© of Paris’ BFF Kim Stewart. Ouch. Either Kim is super cool and doesn’t care when her gal pals break the “don’t touch my ex” rule, or there’s a juicy MySpace message catfight on the horizon.

It’s such a good thing that, as Paris said, God has given her this new chance. A new chance to make out with more dudes, obvs. I wonder how that half-way house for women is coming? [TMZ. Images: Getty]

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