The Crazy Baby Name Trend Continues


katiesuri07607.jpgBritain’s big-boobed model “Jordan” and her husband Peter Andre recently named their newborn baby girl Princess Tiaamii, which is a combo of Thea and Amy – their mothers’ names. With, of course, Princess in front of it. If you thought that was the worst celebs could do, think again. Stars have gone out of their way to make a name like Suri seem tame and boring. For example, actress/dj Shannyn Sossamon has a kid named Audio Science. Toni Braxton‘s two tots are Diezel Ky and Denim Cole, while My Name is Earl actor Jason Lee named his child Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf. But no one can top Jermaine Jackson, who coined one of his offspring Jermajesty. Holy awfulness. Keep in mind, it is impossible to tell which of these children are boys or girls. It’s beyond gender neutral – these names are gender baffling.

It’s a good thing there are so many celebrity babies on the horizon, to make way for newer, more horrifying names. Christina Aguilera could call her baby Lady Marmalade, while maybe Nicole Richie should think about something like Toothpick Tattoo Richie-Madden. That’s (baby) hot! [Times Online. Image: Getty]

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