I Hate My Fridays (I Hate My 30s Recap)


I Hate My 30’s
I Hate My 30s
is VH1’s new comedy show about office workers who are staring down the long barrel of 30 and looking at death — not to mention spinsterhood, debt and bitter, crushing loneliness. As mercurial host Dr. Rod says of the show, “It demonstrates that, while life does indeed suck balls, at least it only gets worse.”

Grim as 30 can be, it can also be funny. The first episode, which premiered last night, was all about Carol‘s birthday party. She’s a lovely, driven single girl who’s worried that her eggs are going to dry up and blow away. Her work life is being made complicated by Chad, a co-worker who has a crippling crush on her (and gives her an extremely inappropriate birthday present). We thought it would be good to check in with the two of them before the inevitable inter-office romance begins and destroys their lives. Interviews after the jump:

Megahn Perry (CAROL)
VH1: What was your longest romantic relationship? What happened to end it?
Carol: I dated a boy for four whole months during my sophomore year of high school, but then I got serious about my PSATs and he couldn’t hang.

VH1: As you approach your 30th birthday, what are you most looking forward to? What’s left in life that you haven’t already done?
My fondest goal is to be named Senior VP of Data Acquisition and Administration. And I I’d kind of like to see France, if I have time before I die.

VH1: Please describe the pressure you’re experiencing from your parents to get married and have children.
My parents have latched firmly onto the belief that I’m a closeted lesbian who is avoiding relationships so I won’t have to come out to them. They won’t let it go. The upside is that they aren’t harboring any hopes of me getting married or having children. Grandma, on the other hand, thinks I will never prove myself until I can raise six kids, put a husband through medical school and get elected to the Senate all at the same time, just like she did in the late ’60s.

David Fickas (CHAD)
VH1: Please describe your crush on Carol.
What? I wouldn’t call it a “crush.” That sounds so juvenile. It’s more like I want to hold her close to my body and never let her go. And her hair smells like my mother’s pumpkin bread, warm and fresh from the oven. But I’m not obsessed with her or anything.

VH1: Have you had problems with boundaries in the workplace before?
Never. A few years back, at another company, I had a little fling with a courier. She didn’t work for us, so technically the only part about it that was “inter-office” was us having sex in all the different offices. Actually, that’s why I had to leave that job.

VH1: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where do you see Carol in 10 years?
Ten years from today, I see myself sanding the hull of a boat on a beach in Zihuatanejo. Carol will be in her $250,000 car, driving home from the supermarket with a single Lean Cuisine Bow Tie Pasta & Chicken and an industrial-size container of Jonny Cat for Multiple Cats.

We’re not sure if that cat joke means Chad’s not interested in kids or what, but if he plans on getting with Carol, he better rethink that.

Remember to tune into I Hate My 30s Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. (ET) on VH1.

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