I Know Who Killed Me: Insider Info



Lindsay Lohan‘s I Know Who Killed Me wasn’t screened for critics, which, given the events of the past week, was probably someone’s attempt to stop the deluge of bad press with a earplug. It was, however, screened for the film’s cast and crew. An insider told Defamerhow the (supposedly sympathetic) audience reacted, and it wasn’t pretty. To wit:

“In the scene where Lindsay gets hit in the face with a shovel– a scene meant to be terrifying–the audience erupted into laughter. Another not-funny-but-funny moment: when Lilo’s stripper character who may or may not be suffering from a split personality is being questioned by cops, she refers to her mother as ‘a crackwhore, disgusting, pathetic’ . . . ouch Dina! The line was received by riotous laughter.”

Sad, sad, sad. This is not going to end well, folks.

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