Lindsay’s Car Chase Companions Tell All


lindsayceleb072707.jpgTMZ has a four-piece video interview with the three men who were supposedly in the white Denali that Lindsay Lohan drove recklessly through Santa Monica prior to her DUI arrest. It’s a lot of information to weed through, but compelling as hell nonetheless. These guys allege, among many things, that Lindsay was drinking cocktails and doing shots, drove (stole?) a car belonging to one of the men, ran over one guy’s foot, zoomed down the highway doing 100 miles an hour, drove in circles around the second car on the highway, and at one point yelled, “I can’t get in trouble. I’m a celebrity. I can do whatever the f**k I want.”

Right, Linds. Right. There’s no way to tell if these guys are exaggerating at all – the guy’s bandage on his foot looks a tad homemade, for example – but still their tale is totally enthralling. Especially the part where Lindsay, when confronted by the police, supposedly tries to blame her reckless driving on “the black kid.” Her words. Ugh.

Check out all the videos HERE.

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