Blog Best-Of: Simpson’s Suckage


jessicasimp_links2.jpgJessica Simpson‘s Working Girl remake Blonde Ambition will reportedly go straight-to-DVD. They should change the title to This Ain’t Working, Girl. [Dlisted]

Kimberly Stewart reportedly plays a practical joke on Diddy by stealing his yacht. She could have played and easier and infinitely more hilarious practical joke by simply complimenting his music. [Crunk + Disorderly]

Drew Carey greets his Price Is Right audience with a single, “F***.” Hey, an F-bomb is one way to get that Plinko chip going. [Best Week Ever]

Lil’ Kim rocks a “Leave Lindsay A-Lohan” shirt. The back of Kim’s is personalized, though – it reads, “Pay attention to me, instead!” [Popbytes]

Kate Beckinsale wows the geeks at ComicCon. This year’s theme? Erections of Fury. [CityRag]

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