Has Britney Gone Mental?


britneyspears080207.jpgUs Weekly has brought in a bevy of brain shrinks to analyze Ms. Spears, and the diagnosis isn’t pretty. It seems that all the weirdness – the impromptu underwear swim sessions, the strange scarf face mask, the nip slips, the outbursts – could signify that Brit’s got “a mood disorder,” says psychologist Robi Ludwig, based on her “self-destructive, erratic and dramatic” behavior. This can also be “symptomatic of drug and alcohol abuse.” Hm – you mean like Brit’s addiction to bathroom breaks? Ludwig also added that Britney “… strikes me as someone going through a delayed adolescence.” Come on ya’ll! Adults love wearin’ jean shorts and tank tops every day! Adults totally prefer Cheetos over caviar! Adults are always droppin’ their babies! Right? No? Fine, whatever. Time for a tantrum. [Us Weekly. Image: Getty]

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  1. Clay Roytek says:

    Britney has an amazing voice she will do well as a singer !

  2. Britney I am your greatest fan from Albania,you are my hero,when I grow up I wanna be the same as you.

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