Flavor Flav’s Back…With a New Taste



That’s right…there’s a new season of Flavor of Love on the way, and this time there’s a twist. In the time since Flavor of Love debuted, Flav has seen his public profile skyrocket. The woman he’s looking for this time around will be a woman of sophistication who can keep up with his high-profile lifestyle. It seems that Flav paid attention to Charm School (after all, he did attend the reunion taping) and saw that his new show could benefit from a new, positive perspective.

If you think you’re classy enough to be one of Flav’s ladies, you can submit your profile to the Flavor of Love 3 casting site. Online casting will be determined during open voting until Tuesday, September 4. Submissions must include an uploaded video profile, biographical information and photos. Only five women will be cast from the online profiles, so make sure to wow (or as Flav would say, “Woooooooooooow!”) ‘em.

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