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In last night’s installment of I Hate My 30s, things went to hell in a handbasket when Mandy was invited to one of her former sorority sisters’ wedding — and didn’t have a date. She’s a free-spirit, seemingly immune to the yearning felt by colleagues like Carol. (In case you didn’t see last week’s episode, Carol started to worry her eggs would dry up and fall out of her like fossilized dinosaur eggs. You had to be there.)In order to save face, Mandy asked Kyle, the office’s perpetually positive postal person (read: mail jockey), to join her. Kyle’s platonic roommate Katie, however, is an obsessive type, and quickly became jealous. Hilarity ensued. We thought it would be good to check in with Mandy and Kyle to get their take on love and life after 30. Interviews follow the jump.

VH1: What’s better — being in a relationship and feeling trapped or being single and feeling lonely?
Loneliness is a relative term. I would much rather take home a random hottie every so often and still have my freedom than be stuck with the same pudgy, balding, aging loser night after night. No offense, Mrs. O’Dondadoo!

VH1: Even though your college days are long gone, do you still feel like you’re competing with your sorority sisters?
Not at all. We’ve just got different priorities. Their sugar-daddy husbands, adorable children and exotic resort vacations are no match for my HR job, late-nite clubbing and adventures in jail bait. Every girl has her own idea of success.

VH1: What do you look for in a man?
Compliance. And at least one abdominal muscle.

VH1:How did you come to live with Katie? Did you ever think about getting together romantically with her?
Katie? Nah. She’s always been like a twin sister to me. I swear, it’s like she can read my mind. Even when we first met . . . I was looking at apartments for rent, and each one I went to, Katie was already there! That’s how we decided to share a place. It was such a bizarre coincidence. We still laugh about it sometimes.

VH1: You seem well-adjusted. Do you dream of being married, too? Or do you see weddings as great places to meet women?
Never really thought about getting married. I guess when I have a girlfriend, I’ll just do whatever she wants . . . whether it’s get married, live together, or hide our shameful relationship from the world and take the secret to my grave (like with Mandy — shhh)! Weddings are a great place to meet women because there are always some there. I’ve never been to a wedding where there wasn’t at least one woman.

VH1: Who’s your favorite co-worker? Why?
I think my favorite co-worker is Travis. He’s got so much energy. I could watch him all day, like he was his own TV show. Of course, Mandy occasionally touches the spot behind my ear that makes my belly button tingle. No, Travis is still my favorite.

Remember to tune into I Hate My 30s Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. (ET) on VH1.

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