Jon Bon Jovi Battles Energy Drink


jonbonjovi080607.jpgIf you are a rocker with humble Jersey roots, gajillions of dollars and a cool dude hairdoo, you are legally NOT allowed to be a whiner. This is the law of rock, of life, of Jersey! But Jon Bon Jovi has apparently lost sight of the awesomeness of his ripped jeans, forsaking his easy going rep to instead throw a tantrum about something as silly as the name of an energy drink. Earlier this year the rocker demanded that the name of energy drink MiJovi be changed, stating that the product and its slogan (“itsmienergy.itsmijovi.itsmilife.”) were stealing from his name, as well as his band’s song “It’s My Life.” However brew creator Marcos Carrington claims that the drink is simply a tribute to his girlfriend Jovita. “It is unfair, he has said, “because Mijovi has nothing to do with Bon Jovi.”

The growing controversy has bumped sales of Mijovi in the rocker’s Jersey hood, and one source even said that “One store had people coming and getting their pictures taken with the drink. It’s even spawned a cocktail called the ‘Angry Rocker.’ ” Sounds like it’s time for Jon to relax a bit, and remember what it’s really all about – sex, drugs energy drinks and rock n’ roll. [NY Post, ABC News. Image: Getty]

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  1. Izabella says:

    The articel with Jon just is great

  2. wally roy says:

    jon is a rock god he pulled toot and nail 2 get the boy,s where they are 2 day. and after all it,s his surname after all so what jon sayes [ listen ]

  3. rody says:

    jon bon jovi is so right!!!! he is using bon jovi’s name to sell his products….

  4. Dana says:

    The guy is full of it! The drink would attract attention because of the name being so close to Bon Jovi. People would think that the band is sponsoring it. Who even knows if he actually has a girlfriend with that name supposedly close to Bon Jovi! If Jon isn’t able to stop him then the he should at least share the profits with Jon and the guys!!!