RIP LonelyGirl15


OMG LonelyGirl15 is dead! Who will take care of P. Monkey?!?! And dare we ask – who cares anymore? If you do, you know that the YouTube web-show sensation ended its year-long “season” yesterday with a 12-part finale that chronicled the death of the show’s star, Bree. Before you hop on your webcam to film a tear-filled response to the show, check out the first video here and the 10th finale installment above, and see if you can figure out what happened in between (we stopped watching after DanielBeast made that creepy video of Bree swimming in a river, but things seemed to get progressively crazier). Who knew a show about stuffed animals, crazy parents, a platonic best friend who may/may not have ever gotten his girl, and a crazy cult whose leader needs the blood of a 16-year old hot nerd to survive could cause such a frenzy – and a second season?! [Yahoo]

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