Papa Knowles: SHUT UP.


beyonce_daddy.jpg Beyoncé‘s meddling father, Matthew Knowles, is springing to his daughter’s defense over a few disparaging words. It seems that he took exception to the New York Daily News‘ review of his daughter’s show that took place this weekend at Madison Square Garden — the News‘ Jim Farber said the show left him feeling “pummeled” and compared Bey to a “bionic woman.” Though Farber’s words are hardly scathing, Matthew still found it necessary to respond, reportedly shooting off an email to the News that read:

After over 60 dates and 20 countries, only you have chosen to write a negative review!

First of all, he’s wrong: the review that ran in the New York Post was much more savage, saying Bey “screeched,” calling her a “snooze” during the ballads and suggesting that lip-synching would have been a preferable alternative to her “cringe-inducing” rendition of “Ring the Alarm.” Harsh! But second of all: SHUT UP, MATTHEW KNOWLES. For the most part, his story checks out — the reviews of The Beyoncé Experience have been, by and large, glowing. So a few people didn’t think so: who cares? His daughter’s been ruling pop music for almost a decade — does he really need a reminder that not everyone’s going to enjoy her work? And really, how bad can you feel for someone who could dry their tears with crisp $100 dollar bills and think nothing of it? [New York Daily News / Image credit: Getty]

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