Kobe Bryant Denies Divorce Rumors


kobe080907.jpgA nice juicy divorce rumor was bouncing around the web about basketball star Kobe Bryant, but he’s stuck his big-ass foot out and squashed it before it could even grow. Apparently he and his wife of six years, Vanessa, were headed down the road of Nick and Jessica, with Vanessa possibly getting half of her man’s earnings as no pre-nup was ever signed. Not so, says the Laker star. He told Entertainment Tonight that “he has no idea how the rumors got started because he and Vanessa are happily married”. Um…seriously? I can think of lots of reasons for rumors to get started, with a really horrible one in particular standing out. You know, that Kobe’s like a FOOT taller than his wife. That’s a lot of height, and a TOTALLY understandable reason to split up. That and the whole sex assault/cheating scandal from a few years ago. But not Kobe and his Kim Kardashian-esque wifey! Oh well. If they change their minds in a couple months or years, we won’t hold it against them. [ET. Image: Getty]

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  1. real person says:

    kobe is staying in his marriage until the time is just right to divorce vanessa kobe has worked to hard and has come to much to let a sour divorce ruin his image. vanessa knows shes knocking a divorces door. kobe got lust confused with love and it took him to 2003 to realize that it wasnt love, though vanessa is very much in love. everyday kobe kicks hisself everyday about not getting a prenup to pissup off his parents, who really got the last laugh. when the divorce happens which is inevitable they’ll both win shell get half but also morn a broken heart for the rest of her life because he doesnt really love her so she wins and losses in the end, kobes people have told him to wait a few more years and then divorce and the public will just look at it as another marriage just didnt work out. i wonder how concieted vanessa feels that in a few years the world will look at her as just a whatl she is a STARTER WIFE!

  2. real person says:

    who really gets the last laugh when kobe and vanessa divorce which is inevitable, kobes people have told him wait a little longer and it seem to the public that its just another marriage that didnt work out kobes always thinking about his image. im so glad ms.vanessa has got a huge piece of humble pie she thought she couldnt be touched! but her man learn shortly after marriage that theirs a difference between lust and love…shes nothing but a STARTER WIFE! he was about to divorce her months before the colorado situation but couldnt because it would be bad for his image and in 07 he thought enough time had passed to go through with the divorce but the media messed that up because he wanted to do it quietly.. have u noticed vanessa doesnt have that concieted way about her anymore because she’s realized that she sleeps next to a man who simply wants her to be his baby mama and not wife take the money and run oh wait she is still in love with him so she wins and losses lots of money but no true love!

  3. mooney says:

    I think that this crap is started by some dumdass that just wants to get in his head before playoff time so that the best player ever might be off his game.It not like any other team even stands a chance to be champs when the man KOBE puts the ball on the court. GO LAKERS

  4. alan iverion says:

    how is his baby