Kobe Bryant Denies Divorce Rumors


kobe080907.jpgA nice juicy divorce rumor was bouncing around the web about basketball star Kobe Bryant, but he’s stuck his big-ass foot out and squashed it before it could even grow. Apparently he and his wife of six years, Vanessa, were headed down the road of Nick and Jessica, with Vanessa possibly getting half of her man’s earnings as no pre-nup was ever signed. Not so, says the Laker star. He told Entertainment Tonight that “he has no idea how the rumors got started because he and Vanessa are happily married”. Um…seriously? I can think of lots of reasons for rumors to get started, with a really horrible one in particular standing out. You know, that Kobe’s like a FOOT taller than his wife. That’s a lot of height, and a TOTALLY understandable reason to split up. That and the whole sex assault/cheating scandal from a few years ago. But not Kobe and his Kim Kardashian-esque wifey! Oh well. If they change their minds in a couple months or years, we won’t hold it against them. [ET. Image: Getty]

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