New York says: “Welcome to My Home!”


Well, hello.

For a good part of last month, the Hollywood Hills were alive with the sound of…shrieking. And laughing. And crying. Sometimes one after another in an emotional avalanche. It could only mean one thing: New York was in town.

Now that the filming of I Love New York 2 has wrapped, we can give you this exclusive first look at the reality TV diva and her new pad. You can see that things are a little different this time around – for one thing, the guys are divided up and put into rooms based on how they were cast (there’s a regular casting bedroom, an Internet-choice room and a “Mama’s Boys” room for the boys Sister Patterson selected). For another thing: there’s a gazebo. For yet another thing: New York’s got a new weave! That’s even better than installing a Jacuzzi!

When I visited the set toward the end of filming, I watched New York on a double date (if you can call it that) out in her pool. Her temper flared, her tears poured, her cackling reached unthinkable decibels. Best of all: she asked on more than one occasion if her eyelashes were still on. New York in more false-eyelash drama? It’s good to be home.

Look out: I Love New York 2 premieres this fall.

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