Monday: 50 Cent Has a Meltdown; Angelina Gets Super Skinny


50cent081307.jpg50 Cent Throws Fit After Video Leaks
The hip hop star freaked out after learning the video for his new song, “Follow My Lead,” had leaked onto the web, chucking his phone out a window and ripping a TV off his office wall. Let’s see Kanye beat that tantrum! [TMZ]

Pics: Is Paris a Pothead?
Yeah yeah, we know what she told Larry King, but that thing she’s smoking looks a lot like a nice fat joint. We demand a drug test! [DListed]

Katie Holmes Plots Tom Makeover
Mrs. Cruise wants to giver her husband a full body makeover so that their age difference is less apparent. She should have just tried dating someone her age. [A Socialite’s Life]

Pics: Has Angelina Gotten Too Thin?
Compare a pic of Saint Angie from 2004 to a recent shot of the slim star on her latest movie set, and the difference is striking. Maybe Brad’s a bone man? [Us Weekly]

Kate Hudson Shacks Up With New Man
The single-ish star is playing house with her new man, weirdo funny guy Dax Shepard, leaving her son to hang with her ex-hubby. Sounds like a great plot for a romantic comedy. [NY Post]

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