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If you’ve perused the Flavor of Love 3 casting site recently, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that Becky Buckwild, the Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School alum, has entered herself into the running to become Flav’s next top hottie. Yes, her profile is real, and yes, she’s serious about wanting another stab at Flav’s heart. It could happen, too: although the rules don’t allow for previous Flavor of Love contestants from signing up for Flav 3, it hasn’t stopped anyone from voting for Becky. So far, she’s nabbed the most votes, and almost twice as many as the second-place profile.

I talked to Becky exclusively about her desire to reconnect with Flav. During the course of our conversation, she unleashed a bombshell: “I might be having Flavor Flav’s eighth baby.” She’s not pregnant now, but she’s willing to go that far to win Flav’s heart. Seriously. Read how she explains it and her attraction to Flav after the jump…

So, you’re determined to get on Flavor of Love 3?

Of course! I’ve been determined to date Flav since Flavor of Love 1.

You’re genuinely attracted to him?

I’m genuinely attracted to Flav. I love his personality. I’ve never said he was ugly. I’m not gonna be the one that says that. I wouldn’t put a poster of him on my wall, but I’m attracted to him. When you’re around him, he’s got this thing. I don’t know what you call it. It’s that thang. Flav’s got it.

And this is something you’ve always known?

I knew I liked him, but you never know if you’re gonna have that attraction to somebody until you meet them. When I went on the show, it was cool. I was attracted to him, I got along with him, but I didn’t get any private dates. I got to go on the gondola for maybe 15 minutes and that was it. I didn’t spend alone time with him, but I did connect with him. I kissed him. They didn’t show it all, but we kissed a little bit. There was a little booty grabbin’. It was good. I think we can take it a little farther.

Have you had contact with him?

The only time I saw him after Flavor of Love 2 was with Saaphyri and Bootz. We saw him at the Reality Remix Awards. Afterwards, he went out to eat with us. I didn’t get to talk to him at the Roast.

It probably bears reminding that you left Flavor of Love 2 because of New York.

Exactly! That’s another reason I wanted to go back. A lot of people are like, “She doesn’t deserve another chance. She left.” But the fact of the matter is, I’m pretty sure I’m the only girl that left without being eliminated by Flav. He didn’t say he didn’t want me. I think I deserve another chance. And, if New York comes back, I’m prepared. I’ve gone through Charm School, I have learned things. I’m telling you, I’m going to take everything I learned in Charm School, I’m going to go to Flavor of Love 3 and I’m going to kill it. Third time’s a charm.

Well, Flav is looking for a classy lady. He was at the Charm School reunion. Did you know about that?

I had no idea. I get sad when I don’t see Flav. Seriously, I do like him. I would totally go out with him. It’s not a joke. Flav’s not the kind of guy that you give your number to and he calls you up. He’s the kind of guy who needs to be pushed into doing s***. If you want him to call you, you have to dial the phone, press the button and give it to him.

And you can see yourself having sex with him?

Oh yeah. People are always like, “Did you have sex with Flavor Flav?” And I’m like, “No, but I would.”

You did take to that military guy in the first episode of Charm School

Sergeant Jones, I know! I have unusual taste. I like the taste of gold teeth in my mouth. I like the taste of old people.

Technically, per the casting site’s guidelines, you aren’t allowed to be on Flavor of Love 3, since you already appeared on the show.

Eh, stranger things have happened.

And what do you have to say to those who will accuse you of just wanting to be on TV again?

I do want to be on TV again!

I was hoping you’d say that.

Of course I want to be on TV again, and I want to date Flavor Flav again, too. So what better opportunity? Flav wants to be on TV, too! We have something in common. I’ma put it out there: I might be having Flavor Flav’s eighth baby. There might be a baby Buckwild in the future.

I’d watch that show. I mean, even if I didn’t have to for work.

That’s what went wrong with the first two Flavor of Loves. These ladies don’t realize that the only thing Flav keeps telling people he wants is more kids. None of these people have given him kids yet. So maybe if I give Flavor Flav a baby, that’ll be the solution. I will be the one.

Every child is a spin-off opportunity. I like your business sense.

It could be the baby of VH1.

Baby of Love.

Oh my god, this is getting too scary. Not really, though, because I would totally do it. I would totally have his baby. I was telling my friend that I wanted to have Flav’s baby, and she was like, “Are you serious? But you know you would have…a baby, right?” I was like, “No, it’s cool. Flav’s got all kinds of kids and they ain’t never with him.” So hopefully this will work out and you can come to the reunion and my wedding and witness the birth of Baby Buckwild.

I’m there. I’ll be too busy blogging it to cut the umbilical cord, though.

Keep up with Becky Buckwild via her MySpace.

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