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After the jump, Rock of Love‘s Erin talks the “bigger and better” stars that she’s had, being targeted in the house and why names will never hurt her.

Did you enjoy yourself on the show?

I wouldn’t say it was the time of my life or anything like that, but, it was an experience. I don’t really have any regrets, although I would not say I would to it again.


I had never really intended going on a reality show. It was one of those things I decided to do last minute because I figured, what do I have to lose? I probably wouldn’t do it again because I ended up putting myself out there. I’m just a regular, small-town girl. I do live in Chicago now, but I just kind of put myself basically on the chopping block to be torn apart by people. I didn’t really expect that, I guess. I was a little naïve going into it.

Are you talking about face-to-face conflict or just Internet stuff?

Direct comments have always been very positive, so far. Messages on MySpace have been positive, as well. But it’s mostly online stuff. I have family members who read stuff about the show online and they’re the ones that inform me of the negative comments that are going on. I take all that with a grain of salt, but it was just a big difference coming from no one knowing me and then all of a sudden, I hear there’s a picture of me from my past posted online. Or people are making comments about things that they really know absolutely nothing about.

I thought you kind of got a raw deal on the show. People were unnecessarily harsh to you.

I kinda felt that way, too. It got to the point where I was so sick of everyone trying to find an excuse to get me kicked off. I was worn out and at that point, I was pretty much ready to leave.

Do you think you were targeted because the other girls saw you as a threat?

It’s a possibility. I tried to stay away from the party and aggressiveness of the other girls, but I still spoke my piece and had my opinion about the other girls. A lot of people called me a hypocrite, saying, “Well, she’s got those huge breast implants, but yet she’s talking about Heather for being a stripper.” But that’s two totally different things because half of the girls on the show had breast implants. I don’t really get that argument. I think I was an easy target, possibly because I look one way and I act another.

You also talked about Heather being at a “stripper/whore” level, but you were associated with Hooters.

OK, the whole Hooters thing, I want to clear that up right now. I was never a Hooters girl. I was a hostess. I wore khaki shorts and a white polo shirt, and I did that when I was in high school, when I was 17 and 18. The reason I got a job at Hooters was so that I could save up money to study abroad for one month and so I could study the culture of Cuernavaca, Mexico. So I don’t really know why I get so much flak for that. The Miss Hooters of Illinois thing wasn’t even a big part of it. It got blown out of proportion. It was a bathing suit competition. All I did was wear a bathing suit, like you would at a pool or a beach, and I walked across the stage. That was it. I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t think you can really compare that to being a stripper and taking your clothes off for money.

Were there any girls that you liked or bonded with on the show?

I really liked Mia. Sam has to be one of my absolute favorite people. She is just genuine, real, beautiful inside and outside. I think Magdalena is a great person. I think Jes is a great person. Faith was nice. She wasn’t there long, but I’ve gotten to know her better since the show has aired. She’s also from Chicago. All the Chicago girls are really good people.

Including Tiffany?

Tiffany I don’t know too well, but she seems nice. Honestly. I thought she was nice the second day in the house. She got a lot of crap for her first night, but she was actually a very nice and normal person the second day.

When I talked to Brandi C., she told me that you apologized for your “meth-scratched face” comment.

I did. It was the day after and we were sitting by the bar. I said, “Listen, I did not know that you were in a car accident.” I was in a car accident two years ago where I had to get 60 stitches in my head, and I have a visible scar. It’s not really visible to anyone but myself until I point it out. But I said, “I’m sorry if that hit a nerve, because I understand. I didn’t mean that maliciously when it came to the car accident.” I was just lashing out. She attacked me first. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t attack until I’m attacked. So I came up with the first thing in my head that I thought would hurt her. It was just petty girl stuff – being catty, basically.

You seem pretty grounded and well-spoken. Did entering this crazy environment give you a culture shock? It seems insane.

It was, really. That’s why I kind of stuck in the background. I just kind of observed everyone and didn’t get caught up in the craziness, because it was a culture shock. It’s not in my personality to go out there to be crazy and wild and aggressive. But like I said, it was an experience. Bottom line, that’s what it was. I don’t see any future in the entertainment field, but I did make some good friends out of it.

Right before the end of the episode this week, you went to Bret’s room to say your piece and he pretty much turned you away. I thought that was unfair.

At that point, I was completely confused about what was going on. I didn’t know if it was about the same thing that Heather brought up in the second episode that almost got me kicked off. I thought, “OK, why is he still believing her? What’s going on?” So I did think that was unfair that he wouldn’t hear me out. But something that they didn’t show on TV was that I did get to talk to him right before eliminations. We were all lined up on the risers and Big John came and brought me to his room. But I got about a minute and a half to explain myself. I didn’t think that was very fair, either.

Were you even into Bret anymore at that point?

No, I pretty much was done. I lost all hope and all feelings. I was sick of all the drama. It was like, “If he’s only going to give me a minute to explain myself, it’s not worth it.” I was even contemplating eliminating myself before he did, but once again, I’m not a drama starter. I’m not there to create drama on TV. I figured I was going to get eliminated anyway, so just let him do it.

Was there a point, though, that you were into him?

At the very beginning, yeah. But it was difficult to fall for someone in that short amount of time. I’m realistic. I was there for close to two weeks, but I don’t believe you can fall in love with someone in such a short span, especially in a house full of other women fighting for his attention, as well. It was difficult to really get a feeling for the kind of person that he was, and vice versa. All I can really say is that he’s a very nice person, very attractive, but there was no real connection there between him and I.

At the very end of the episode, you said, “I’ve had bigger and better stars than Bret Michaels.” Care to name names?

(Laughing) No! First of all, that was mostly just me being bitter. I was lashing back. It kind of came out the wrong way, to be honest. Like I said, if I’m attacked, I attack back. And I have not had stars. I’ve dated one, and I’m not going to reveal his name. That’s kind of what I was referring to at that point.

Did you end up getting to wait on Justin Timberlake?

No, I did not. The night I got kicked out, I had to stay at a hotel room and then come back the next day for some interviews. So I didn’t get to wait on Justin, after all.

All that for nothing!

It’s just hilarious because that was a simple conversation I was having with my boss. Just chit-chatting, letting him know that I wasn’t back yet, and it became such a big part of the show.

What are you up to now? You work at Underground?

Underground in Chicago, and I also work at Enclave. They’re two nightclubs. I do V.I.P. bottle service, so basically, if someone comes in, they have to buy entire bottles of alcohol and spend way too much money on them. So that’s what I’m doing now. I plan to go back to school for my Masters next fall. I want to be a high school guidance counselor. But until then, I’m going to work at the clubs and just kind of enjoy my life, be young while I can.

It seems like you stayed strong during the show. Did anything anyone said, like the “circus t**s” comment, bother you?

People like that, they’ll say anything to try to put someone down. They were doing it to get themselves ahead in the competition, so I can’t really blame them for that. It was a competition, we were on TV and everyone’s trying to get their minutes on TV. I just really wasn’t that into it. I’m not going to be insulted by someone who has no impact or influence on my life whatsoever. I could care less either way about the people who talked about me. I can’t say I hate them because I don’t care about them. I don’t put that much energy into something that I could care less about.

That’s a great attitude to have. You don’t waste time that way.

You don’t waste time, and you don’t get hurt that way.

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