The Celebreality Interview – Bret Michaels (Kinda)


Rock of Love‘s Bret Michaels is not an easy man to get on the phone. Several attempts at coordinating an interview for this blog led to a whole lot of phone tag. Questions were submitted to Bret’s lovely assistant, Janna, but instead of picking up the phone and giving VH1 a call, Bret elected to answer the questions all by himself using a video camera. The results couldn’t be more entertaining — as much as I would have loved to probe his mind in real time, the answers Bret gives to the camera as he flies on a private jet are probably more revealing than anything he could have given over the phone. In the video below, Bret says “Rich the blogger” several dozen times (he can’t be faulted for not even trying my last name — sometimes I can’t even pronounce it), knocks down a few “adult beverages” and talks about throwing tantrums, looking for a “sexual soulmate” and how aging and weaker knees have forced him to adjust his lifestyle.

And, just FYI, getting in touch with Bret wasn’t a total bust…



…I finally got to meet him at last month’s Poison concert in New Jersey. He rocks just as hard in person as he does on TV. Unfortunately, he did not start any sentences with, “As you know, I…” but hey, there’s always next time.

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