Method Man to Educate Kids About Weed


methodman082007.jpgRapper Method Man - whose name is synonymous with all things marijuana – is going to be speaking out on his favorite topic. No big surpise, seeing as the Wu-Tang Clan member has rapped about weed, made movies about getting high, and named an album in honor of days associated with the drug. But after being arrested in May for possession of marijuana – obviously – the rapper will be preaching about the evils of getting high to an audience of fifteen New York City teens as part of his plea bargain.

Method Man – whose name even references a slang term for his fave drug – is apparently “thrilled” to do his part for the community. What we wouldn’t give to be a joint in his pocket fly on the wall for that learning session. [TMZ. Image: Getty]

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  1. kendria norris says:

    i think that this is the most powerful rapper that i have never known. he’s smart and very intelligent man that has went through alot trying to become a rapper and that’s why i give him the up most respect. I just hope that he can continue to keep pushing his self and making and effort to make out here in this world.

  2. kendria norris says:

    to me i think that is great that he is teaching our young youth about weed because most kids these days think that smoking weed can help the establish a better life and future for themselves and that’s not the way to go if they want something out of life.

  3. alexander says:

    for me i think what he need to do is fine enough but we need him to explain on both side not only disadvantage and also advantage because i knows anything must have two chapters