Boys to Men – Mission: Manband Episode 3 Recap


Mission: Man Band

Want to know what panic is? Panic is when you have 36 hours to prep for a performance during half-time at an Orlando Magic game and you don’t even have a song written yet, much less your dance moves down. Yes, that’s panic, but that’s also Mission: Manband, the show where it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Miss Kate, the band’s manager, is an expert in torture. Psychological torture. As Rich said, “I hope I can hear myself over all the boos.”Granted, the Man Banders aren’t the most positive of men. But they can spot problems with antagonistic management a mile off. There’s definitely the sense that Miss Kate has taken a harmless tough-love approach toward dealing with them, but then there’s also the sense that they’re totally unprepared to perform, too. Here are some warning signs that Miss Kate has totally ignored:

  • Even after writing and recording the song, Rich cannot remember the lyrics.
  • Among the proposed names for the band are Last Call, 15 Minutes and Ice Box.
  • Bryan is drinking again — a big no-no after last week’s episode.
  • When Chris notices that Bryan is drunk, he says, “You smell like you just used JD mouthwash.” Not the most sensitive of comments, but then it seems like Chris is under a lot of stress.

It’s not pretty. But there were some positive elements, too: The men finally settled on a name — Sureshot — and began to look the part, too. Miss Kate arranged a photoshoot, and they began to regain some of their confidence in front of the camera. The problem is that it doesn’t seem like enough confidence. Although the performance is in next week’s episode, it already looks like a trainwreck. So here’s our question to you: Is Miss Kate’s style dooming Sureshot to failure?

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