The Rock Life: Episode 4, Recap


Rock on dude!

You know what today is — Tuesday. Which means a new Whitestarr episode, a new Whitestarr song accompanying images of their fabulous life in the show’s intro. We get the inside scoop on the Cisco-Mischa meltdown (eat it, Us Weekly!) and Bret Michaels drops in…We learn that Cisco and Mischa are no more, while Rainbow struggles with his girlfriend Danielle (who gives him free room and board, and puts up with his hair) and her unreasonable demands of wanting to “spend time together” and “hang out.” Orbi suggests a double date with their ladies. Rainbow confides in Orbi that he doesn’t foresee himself “living like this” for much longer.

In a confluence of events that nearly exploded the VH1 offices in New York, Whitestarr visit with “Rock of Love” star Bret Michaels. The boys look to Bret as their rock n’ roll guru, and ultimately, they decide to play a show at the Roxy together.

Prior to the Roxy show — in a room full of his band members, Rainbow’s girlfriend is told that Rainbow won’t be coming back to the house, so that he can do “boy things.” Danielle makes it easy for Rainbow, and tells him that if he doesn’t come home, he needn’t come home ever. Way to go, Danielle. The boys go on and perform “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn,” and all hell breaks lose following. The amount of drunken girl-on-girl action, complete with finger sucking and hair-tossing, harkens back to Bret’s heyday. Post-show, Cisco bugs out in a Jacuzzi full of willing ladies, realizing that Cisco needs to take a dip in Lake Me before he gets into another relationship. And after an evening full of ridiculous antics including repeatedly getting punched in the chest and generally making an ass out of himself, Rainbow heads home at the end of the night. So that’s what boy things are.

The Wit and Wisdom of Cisco Adler: “I don’t want to just f*ck random chicks, bro.”

Biggest lie told on the show: “I’m a f*cking celebrity.” — Rainbow

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