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Magdalena tells us she went on Rock of Love in search of…love. It’s so straightforward, it’s ironic. After the jump, Legz talks about her nickname(s), brags about her songwriting skills, lashes back at the allegations that she’s a man and explains why she’s this close to giving up on love.

How would you characterize your time on Rock of Love?

It was adventurous. I never expected what I saw. I thought the girls were gonna be a little more sincere, or maybe they would be there for the right reason. That’s the reason I was there for, which, as naïve as it sounds, was to look for love. But after one night in the house, I realized that Bret was there to basically hang out with, you know, a bunch of groupies. Like he hasn’t done that in his life.

How familiar with him as a person were you going into the show? You said at one point that you didn’t listen to him growing up.

Not familiar at all.

Had you seen him before?

Yes, after I heard that it was him that was going to be on the show, I Googled him. As bad as it sounds, I’m going there looking for love and it shouldn’t matter how big of a star he is or what kind of songs that he writes. And that should show you that I wasn’t a groupie. That’s for sure. Once I realized that he was there for his reasons, and I was there for mine, I figured there was nothing really going on between us and there’ll never be anything that’ll keep us together.

In your exit interview, you didn’t seem bitter at all.

I wasn’t bitter. I date and I try to find that real love. I’m still looking for someone that will fill in that spot and make me feel good about myself. It just seems like everyone is playing so much game and everybody’s wasting my time. That’s why I appreciate when people tell me, “You know what? Nothing’s gonna come out of this.” Most of the time, every man will waste my time, try to use me or abuse me or whatever. That’s when it really hurts. That’s why I was happy that it happened like it did with Bret, versus me starting liking him. Well, I don’t know if it was possible to fall in love with him being on the show with all these cameras around. I hardly believe that any of the girls were able to fall in love with him unless they were groupies and big fans and they just had their fantasies goin’ on.

So, are you a woman on a mission looking for love wherever you can find it?

Yes! (Laughs) The more I look, the more I get disappointed. It seems like I’m a loser magnet. I always date guys that live with their parents or that have no jobs or that aren’t as career-oriented as me who don’t know what they want. I’m looking for someone that can stand on his feet, that can make me laugh, and it’s really hard to find that nowadays. I feel like I’m the man every time I go out. I feel like, hey, I should pay the bill, too. I’m always the person that has the better car, has the better job, lives by themselves. Guys nowadays just really have no goals. They just care about partying and getting a girl for one night and that’s not really what I’m about.

Do you think anyone in the house was there for love?

Heather and Lacey were the biggest groupies. Like on Sunday’s episode, when I was just sittin’ there and we just woke up and we see Lacey goin’ to Bret’s room. It’s just a little too much. Why would you push yourself on him? Obviously, she was determined to win, or was she just determined to win the show? I don’t think she cared that much about Bret, she just wanted to be the biggest bitch on the show. All of us received letters from her via MySpace apologizing for her behavior.

Did you make friends with any of the girls?

Definitely. I’m still friends with Sam, I’m still friends with Brandi M. Jes, Mia, Erin. Those are my girls. We still talk and get together.

You didn’t take part in some of the crazy, pole-swinging antics on the show. Did you see the humor in them, though?

I did, but at the same time, if it was sexual, I didn’t think it was super funny. Me and Brandi M. did a lot of funny things. One time, we created a picture that we made Bret Michaels look a little bit more like a rapper. Obviously, it wasn’t funny enough or didn’t involve any sexuality that’s why it didn’t get aired. But at the same time, I feel like the show is not what I saw with my own eyes. Even the way they change my voice, which I get a lot of crap for, and I’m getting sick and tired of it. I do not sound like a man. I’m pretty sure I have an accent. I’m from a different country and my voice might sound deeper than any other girl, but it does not sound the way it sounds on TV. I was mad at that when I first heard myself in the first episode. I was like, “There’s no way I sound like that.” That really brought me down. Now I’m pretty much over it.

Why do you think you were singled out?

My voice already was a little bit different and I said Rodeo looks like a man, so they were like, “Hey, why don’t we lower her voice a little bit so that people think she’s the man?” And people started plotting, thinking that I was a man and they put me with all the other girls so that Bret would find out I was, I don’t know, a transvestite or something. Maybe that would be a good idea, but unfortunately, I’m a pure woman. I’m 100 percent woman. I act like one. I have class. I still like to party, don’t forget that, but I know my limits.

And this was the first time you were ever confronted with comments about the tone of your voice?

Oh yes, definitely. That’s the first time. I’ve had some opinions, like, people say, “Oh my gosh, you have a strong accent.” But it’s never been like, “Oh my gosh, you sound like a man!”

When did you move from Poland?

When I was 20-years-old, in 2000. I’m 27. I’m not afraid to say it. Most of the girls were a little bit younger than me, and that’s why my view was a little different on the show and what was goin’ on in the house.

I saw on your MySpace that you posted your song that you sang during the phone challenge.


I was singing that song for weeks after I watched the show.

I know, it’s your favorite. I don’t blame you. It was a great song. You know, they told us to be creative and come up with something that’s not sexual. At least I took my brains and came up with something that rhymes. My voice just came out so crazy! I was really, really nervous. I should have been simple, just like everybody else: start moaning and make a slut out of myself.

In the last episode, it came out that your nickname is “Legz”…I guess because of your legs?

(Laughing) “Can you please specify why?” How do I put this? I’m tall. When I put my high heels on, I’m probably 6’2″, 6’3″. Normally, I’m about 5’11” to 6 feet tall. But they’re part of my body that’s unbelievably long and something that I’m very proud of. So I figured that’s what I’m gonna call myself, and the name stuck. I take care of them, too. I work out. I make sure my legs look good and they’re smooth. They’re my signature, maybe.

A reliable source of comedy during your run was when Bret would put the pass around your neck, you’d have to bend down for him to do so.

(Laughs) Right! That’s another thing people were saying: “I don’t think she’s for him. She’s too tall.” How many couples are out there where the girl’s taller? If they’re happy, they’re happy. Do looks really matter so much as long as people love each other? There’s just so much game out there…it just seems like maybe love doesn’t exist anymore. I’m really starting to give up.

Don’t give up!

I’m still waiting. I know I can’t make it happen. If it happens, it happens. But also, dating is definitely fun. Observing people’s behavior, and especially guys’ behavior is just like, “Wow.”

As long as you’re having fun and aren’t suffering in the throes of desperation.

I do have fun. As long as I don’t have to pay the bill at the end, it’s always fun.

What did you think about the girls calling you “Magdeanderthal?”

I didn’t really think much about it because I still don’t know what it means. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Unfortunately, my English is still kinda in a process, so I don’t really get everything. I see the show and I’m like, “Oh! So this is what we were supposed to do!” We played football and, what’s the name for the captain? Something like, “R.S.V.” or something?


Whatever. Right. I think Bret asked me if I wanted to be that and I was like, “I don’t know. I don’t care. Whatever. Yeah. No, let Jes be that.” I didn’t even know what that was, I didn’t bother to ask. My English was not to my advantage during all the challenges. I definitely had to figure things out on my own. Sometimes I don’t understand when it comes to little things. Basically, what Bret was asking is if I wanted a one-on-one date with him, and my answer was, “I don’t know. I don’t care. Whatever.” I’m sure he was like, “Wow, Magdalena could really give a s***.” But it was just an understanding. My English sucks, so how ’bout that?

But you know, I’m sure your English was better than everyone else’s Polish.

Oh yes, or any other language. We couldn’t expect most of these girls to speak another language.

You said that you were career-oriented. What is your career?

I’m a marketing representative. I work for an insurance company. I’m thinking about getting my real-estate license, and probably go toward that. I’d love to have my own real estate agency. For some reason, I just love homes. Many times, I just drive around looking at different buildings. Maybe it’s because I like to be creative and home is a big part of my life. Real estate has been calling me and I think that’s what I’d like to do next, besides getting my Masters. I’m definitely headed to school. That’s my goal versus trying to start a career in the porn industry, unlike some other girls.

Overall, how are you left feeling about your time on Rock of Love?

I think that I would enjoy doing Charm School so much more than competing for Bret’s heart. It would be so much fun if we ever did that. Maybe they can make me a better lady. Maybe they can show me how to find a better man. I could definitely benefit from that. I don’t really think I benefited from Rock of Love. I probably drank a little more, but that’s probably all the benefit there was. I did meet some great girls. But other than that, Rock of Love helped me realize that I’m not as crazy as I thought. I always thought I was super crazy but after seeing the other girls, I was like, Wow. I am totally sane. I’m normal. It really made me feel better about myself.

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