The Pick-Up Artist Episode 4 Recap



Sure, he might rollerblade around the pool, get overly excited about pantry sizes and seem kind of like maybe girls aren’t his thing, but Joe W. has fully absorbed the teachings of Mystery and integrated them into his lifestyle. He was the only individual to come near to kissing someone during Episode 4’s bar challenge (Kosmo doesn’t count), and he’s by far the dreamiest nerd in the herd, which makes him our Pick Up Artist of the Week.

Following Fred’s dismissal, the vibe in the house gets a little “tense.” At this point, it dawns on Scott that this is, indeed, a competition, and not the lamest fraternity ever. Mystery announces that he has a surprise for the guys, and it’s not a top hat, a pair of goggles, or anything that looks like it came from a Muppet – unlike the components of his outfit.


The reward challenge this time is downright salacious, with two gorgeous, voluptuous “friends” of Mystery who get blind-folded and the guys make out with them. The best kisser gets an earpiece with Mystery guiding them through a treacherous set during their immunity challenge. After a creepy practice session on some peaches, (wherein Pradeep announces that he “euphemistically loves peaches”) Kosmo wins Mystery in his ear. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Kosmo announces that “Latinos know how to make out of the womb – it’s just their culture.” During Kosmo’s winning face-suck, he believes he and Tara “touched souls.” Don’t think that was your soul, buddy.



The objective for that night’s challenge is to kiss a girl. Here’s the thing: neither of your lovely female Pick Up Artist recappers would let a dude make out with them in a bar, let alone after five minutes of magic tricks. But that’s us. After a quick lesson in kiss tactics and “kino,” the guys begin their mack dance. Brady blows it after a promising start, Joe D. let’s the ladies run the set, and Pradeep uses physical force and promises of free beer to entice ladies into a VIP lounge that he never gets to. Even Mystery makes fun of him. Scott starts hitting on couples, while Joe W. misses the lip lock, infuriating Mystery and crew. Kosmo, with his earful of Mystery, lands the kiss, making him immune from elimination. He choses Joe D. and Joe W. to remain as his wing men, leaving Scott and Pradeep ultimately on the hot seat. In the end, Scott’s sent home, even though Pradeep is proving to be the most irritating person in the history of film and television. But never fear ladies, “The Scott is coming.” Whether or not he’ll be chatting you or your boyfriend up remains to be seen.

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