Yep, He Did it: Owen’s Suicide Attempt Confirmed


owen082807.jpgJust in case there was any question about yesterday’s reports that Owen Wilson had tried to kill himself by popping some pills and slitting his left wrist, there is now official proof. The call log belonging to the Santa Monica Police Department lists Luke Wilson‘s 911 call emergency as “attempted suicide.” It was the younger Wilson brother who discovered Owen early Sunday afternoon.

As friends like Samuel L. Jackson head to the hospital to visit the troubled star, two movies that the star was working on are currently in limbo as Owen addresses his health needs. Tropical Thunder with Ben Stiller is set to start shooting in a couple of weeks, and Owen has also signed on to co-star alongside Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me, which begins shooting in January. There is no word yet on if Wilson will still participate in these two films, but for now he’s probably right where he belongs – in “good condition” and resting at the hospital. [Variety. Image: Getty]

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