Owen Dabbles in Meth, Jesus & Ben Stiller


owen082907.jpgLast week he was everybody’s favorite funny guy, but now Owen Wilson is burning up the tabloids and gossip blogs with talk about what led to his attempted suicide and where the troubled star goes from here. Prior to Sunday’s sad events, Owen supposedly was at the end of a three-day drug binge, using crystal meth and Oxycontin for days before his demise. He also allegedly ingested a bottle of Oxycodone as part of his suicide attempt. The star was spotted three days earlier at church, though we’re not sure how his visit connects tot he events that followed. Maybe he was researching a role – or seeking salvation.

Owen’s also reportedly dropped out of pal Ben Stiller‘s film Tropical Thunder, which he was supposed to begin shooting in a couple of weeks. At least he’s taking care of himself, right? Plus Nick Nolte‘s part of the cast, and he seems like he’d be a really bad influence. [Image: Getty]

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