Scott Baio Is…Returning



If the finale of Scott Baio Is 45…and Single, in which Scott’s reunited gf Renee revealed that she’s pregnant to a shocked Baio, seemed like a big old cliffhanger it’s because…it was. Scott, Renee and Co., are set to return to VH1 in a new series documenting the next phase in Scott’s life: impending fatherhood, engagement and getting to know Renee’s daughter Caitlyn. The expanded season, which should feature nine episodes (instead of last season’s seven), is set to shoot in the fall. There’s no word yet on when it will air, but you’d be wise to expect an early ’08 run. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Is Scott Baio returning for a third season???

  2. craig baxter says:

    VH1 sucks … you tell me you can’t show me the video in my area …
    but that didn’t stop you from making me watch your MCDONALD’S
    advert first, did it ? …

    Eat me …