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“She ran streaking through the house and came up and started gyrating her vagina in my face. I did not want it there,” Rock of Love‘s Mia dishes in our interview with her.

Hmmmm, who could she be talking about?

How would you characterize your time on Rock of Love?

It was good, I guess. It was interesting. I was definitely out of my element. I’m not nearly as big of a character as some of the other girls on the show. I’m not really drama. I’m not really confrontational, so I was the one who flew under the radar most of the time. If I had one complaint about the show, it would be that they didn’t show my personality. I have a very strong personality, and they showed nothing of it. If I were watching it and I saw me, I’d be like, “Man, she’s not talkative.” But I’m the complete opposite. I wouldn’t have gotten on the show if I wasn’t.

For a few weeks we didn’t hear you say anything.

Yeah, I know. (Laughs) I think they edited the show so people would wonder, “Why is Mia still here? Is she even on the show anymore?” But they didn’t show a lot, especially the time I spent with Bret.

Are you a shy, quiet person?

Oh no. But on a show like that when you’ve got 19 other girls with different personalities all living in a house together, it can be an intimidating situation. I’m not like a lot of them. Outside of the show, I have a very strong personality and it can be a lot to take. But when put in the situation of Rock of Love, I kind of sat back and let people eliminate themselves. It didn’t really matter to me. To me, it wasn’t worth it to get all riled up for a show. Even if you’re not there for Bret, it kind of turns into a competition for the girls, anyway.

Tell me more about your life. What do you do?

I’m a bartender and a licensed cosmetologist. I do hair. I moved from Chicago to California a few weeks ago and I want to get into event planning, more the hospitality side of things.

A lot of the other girls talk about how cool you are. So there’s something to be said for your presence.

I met a lot of cool people on the show, but I also met a lot of strange people. There are some girls I still keep in touch with. We did have a good time.

Which girls did you bond with?

Jes. We’re really close. I still talk to her at least every other day. Erin, Magdalena, Sam, Faith. A lot of the Chicago girls.

There are a lot of them!

I think there were 12 of us. Like, did they even cast in other cities?

Was there anyone that you had any real beef with?

The obvious person: Lacey. We had a few spats they didn’t show. I threw a drink on her one day. It was when, on the last episode, we were all outside and Lacey was wearing that shirt that said, “I’m Definitely Up to Something.” They probably didn’t include this in the show because I was eliminated that night and they didn’t want to start drama they couldn’t finish.

What led you to throw a drink on her?

She ran streaking through the house and came up and started gyrating her vagina in my face. I did not want it there. So I threw the drink on her and then I threw raw meat in the shower with her.

That’s awesome.

I do have a personality and I can stick up for myself, but they just didn’t show any of that.

What’s your verdict on Lacey: savvy in front of the camera or just crazy?

It’s probably a little bit of both. I don’t know her in real life, but who she was on the show, I don’t think anyone would really like. She’s one of those people that, you know, you look at her eyes and there’s no soul back there. She’s very cold.

Tell me about the times you connected with Bret that ended up on the cutting-room floor.

We had a couple of times together. During the gun range activity, we had a shoot-out and the prize was a half hour of alone time with Bret. I won, and had that time and they didn’t show it. Something similar happened another time and they didn’t show it. But he really wasn’t my type, anyway.

Oh really?

He’s not ready for a good girl.

So, in other words, you’re looking for someone who’s more committed?

In a way, yeah. He’s got a lot of baggage for someone my age. He’s got a couple of kids and diabetes. You’re not supposed to drink if you have that, and he drinks a lot. I’d rather not be a babysitter…to any of them.

In the last episode after he came home from his date with Jes and saw Heather and Brandi’s Polaroids, you asked him for five minutes of his time and he said no. I thought that was unfair.

It is unfair. Honestly, I felt like he isolated me. I was always trying to talk to him but he didn’t give me the time of day. In my opinion, he should have eliminated me much sooner if he wasn’t going to make the time to talk to me. I’ll give Lacey this: I agree with her comment that was like, “That’s what happens when you leave two strippers alone together.” That’s very true. Heather and Brandi have their own way of getting Bret to notice them, and maybe I’m not that wild person for him.

Do you think that you were unfairly blamed for the failure of your group’s photo shoot?

Totally unfairly. Every idea I had was shot down. Brandi’s like, “I want to be a man!” And I was like, “O…K.” The thing that frustrated me was that we had a completely different idea – they were both going to be girls. But then 10 minutes left, Evo the photographer came over said, “Don’t you think you should come up with something more original?” He made it sound like we were completely wrong. That’s when Brandi came up with the man idea. I was like, “OK. I’m not posing.”

Did it strike you that Brandi looked as ridiculous as she did dressed as a man?

Yeah. I knew it was going to be a little odd and I mentioned that maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea. But at that point, there was nothing I could do. They both have really strong in-your-face personalities and I wasn’t in the mood to fight them. I wasn’t going to win, anyway, two against one.

When you were eliminated, Bret said it was because you didn’t bring it.

Bret lies. Bret didn’t bring it, let’s put it that way. He had plenty of chances to get to know me, but hey, I didn’t cause enough drama for him. I wasn’t about to do what some of the other girls did to vie for his attention. I didn’t fall in love with Bret, so I’m not going to have breakdowns about him.

You did really seem upset when you were eliminated.

It was more of a frustrated cry. Just sort of all the emotions coming together. You know, many of the girls that were left were total nasty girls. If he wants to keep them, fine. It was more an I’m done, I’m frustrated, get me out of here, type of thing.

It sounds like it just wasn’t meant to be.

I’m OK with the fact that I left with my dignity and pride. I’m OK with the fact that I can still talk to my family. If anything, it was an experience, and that’s what I’m taking from it.

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